MjobO - Human Resources


MjobO is a top HR platform, whose purpose is to balance the company-candidate relationship. The platform aims for greater transparency from companies, promoting respect for the candidates.


Our goal was to build a reliable and powerful platform customized to our client's needs. The client needed a modern front-end with advanced search and filtering capabilities for companies to find the right candidates.


We used Scrum Agile methodology to organize our efforts during this 3-month project. Iterating in 2-week sprints, we managed to meet the requirements stablished for the first version of the product.

Growth hacking

Our team always tries to add value to the project, suggesting powerful growth hacking techniques. This time we developed a functionality that allows the candidate to share their profile on Linkedin. This boosted the platform massively from the beginning without any investment in advertising, achieving 6500+ organic users in the first 48 hours.

  • Laravel
  • React.JS
  • Bootstrap


Client: MjobO

Date: January, 2019

Link: www.mjobo.com

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