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Enterprise companies grow constantly and have big-picture business goals, and their technology must tag along by offering super scalable, flexible, and efficient products. Discover why at Light-it we choose Laravel to build enterprise applications that make businesses thrive.

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Why is Laravel a good fit for Enterprise applications?

Laravel brings to the table lots of advantages that benefit high-end solutions for enterprises. Let's review some of them:

Fast Development & Flexibility

Laravel is empowered with the Model View Controller (MVC) model and Artisan CLI, which, in simple words, enables developers to work faster. Moreover, its open-source nature makes it highly flexible, allowing developers to customize functionalities according to business needs.

High-level security

Security is a major issue in enterprises, as they might deal with a large amount of confidential data. Laravel deals with this smoothly, as it protects web apps against risks like cross-site forgery requests, malicious actors, hackers, data breaches, and SQL injection.

Hybrid App Adoption

Users increasingly demand mobile applications, and enterprises must adapt to this need to not stay behind. Hybrid applications are often the right go-to since native app development requires more time and investment. Laravel stands as a great choice as it does excellent work hosting hybrid apps.

Community support

Enterprise applications' scope might be enormous, and a single bug or performance issue may affect numerous users' experience. Laravel's has a solid open-source community that offers excellent assistance for any problem the application faces. Plus, there's a lot of documentation out there and other learning resources. This will help fix any issues ASAP.

Scaling Laravel

Laravel has some out of the box features to help you scale your application. In this section I’ll focus on Laravel-specific ones. Of course, other things as server, database and infrastructure should be considered when working on scaling your application.

Some examples are: S3 integration, Redis integration, Efficient Eloquent Queries, Table Indexing, Transactions & Concurrency Control, Laravel Vapor for On-demand auto-scaling.

Avoid Lockin

Lockin happens when you're "stuck" with a supplier/service provider because you depend on them. Laravel allows you to change all dependencies, port all controllers and write everything you need in service class POPos. Plus, there are many excellent Laravel service providers out there.

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