Product discovery

Our main goal in this stage is understanding what sort of value will be delivered to the final user to define the product's specifics.

Product Discovery
The team discovering the product
Why? Good ideas aren’t enough.

To succeed, it’s essential to discover who your target audience is and understand these people’s personalities, behavior and preferences, to then create a product that meets their expectations.

What to expect

In this stage, we’ll prepare the ground for the development stage. The main deliverables we’ll have are the UX/UI and the MVP’s specifications.

The UX/UI deliverable is a guideline our research, content and design team will create specifically for your product. This guideline will give the rest of the team directions and specifics about the User Experience and User Interface they’ll be building. It’s important that the UX/UI is created particularly for your product and it’s final users.

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a first functioning version of your product, with its main features, over which we’ll keep on adding new “less essential” features. In the product discovery phase, we’ll specify the requirements of the MVP, its cost, and the schedule.


We have an in-house developed product discovery methodology, heavily influenced by Design Thinking and the LEAN approach for ideating, validating, and defining the core requirements for a minimum viable product (MVP) and the UX/UI specifics.

At this stage, we usually follow a series of steps. However, it’s not always necessary to follow all of them, it really depends on the specifics of the project. The main steps are the following:


Sketches & Wireframes

  • Design of the MVP’s core wireframes
  • Definition of the ground UX and main application flows
  • Definition of the usability
  • Design of the Information Architecture

Learn & Understand

  • Design Thinking activities and ideation sessions
  • Definition of value proposition, KPIs, and user persona
  • Definition of the scope of the MVP

Learn & Understand

  • Definition of a full MVP backlog
  • Creation of a tentative development plan (Development roadmap)
  • Calculation of the approximate cost of developing the MVP.

Hi-Fi Mockups & Prototypes

  • Design of hi-fi mockups
  • Development of a functional prototype
  • Creation of a design guide that developers can build on

In the Product Discovery phase, experts from many different areas are gathered together for their valuable input. We also like to involve potential end-users to understand better their needs and the extent to which our solution fulfills them. During the whole process, we use validation methods to make sure every decision we make is wise and backed.