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Our client: D·Local

DLocal, Uruguayan Unicorn, is the market's leading online payments platform for emerging markets crosswise LATAM, APAC, and EMEA. The platform enables online companies to reach billions of consumers in a simple and easy way operating to their payments processor.




Dlocal accepts more than 300 locally-relevant payment methods for the fastest-growing markets, including local credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and cash payments. We integrated Dlocal, a unicorn company that offers a payment platform for emerging markets, with Shopify, the largest e-commerce cloud-based tool.

The ProjecT

One of Dlocal's turning points towards becoming a unicorn was their integration with Shopify, which we developed here at Light-it. Shopify is the largest e-commerce cloud-based tool used by companies that range from small businesses to Fortune 500, such as Unilever, Sephora, The Economist, or Tesla. Shopify has processed over $8 billion in sales and hosted over 16 million shoppers.

The Shopify plugin we developed allows Shopify's over 1,000,000+ stores to integrate the dLocal Payment Gateway effortlessly and reach the most relevant payment methods for emerging markets, boosting conversion rates. It enables international merchants accept local payment methods and currencies, track and analize the payments processing, review balances, deliver refunds and chargebacks, among other services.


We joined the project with the goal of ideating, technically validating and building the platform to host Curascribe’s scribing solution, that aimed to provide customized, one-on-one virtual scribe services to Medical Practitioners. This was full of exciting challenges:



We had to manage sensitive merchants’ data, so the project had a significant focus on security.



It was crucial to maintain a very high standard of quality in code, documentation, and error handling.


Data Organization

We had to manage multiple companies, countries, and currencies, and make the platform compatible with all of them.



There are thousands of transactions going on every minute, so maintaining reliable and consistent performance was essential.


The project was highly impactful in the online commerce market and democratizing for merchants and shoppers, so it was fascinating and inspiring to partake. We worked side-by-side with Dlocal during the whole process, practicing the SCRUM framework. Dlocal needed a highly professional, transparent, and close partner because of the project's tremendous scope, and we were delighted to fulfill that role.


Reached billions of customers from emerging countries.

Over 1,000,000+ stores are able to integrate the payment gateway.

Currently operating in +30 countries across de globe

Other projects


UI/UX & Dev

An Influencer Network

We built BestBuy's influencer network, a platform where influencers from different social media channels can collaborate with BestBuy to promote their electronic products.


UI/UX & Dev


We designed and built the first web and mobile platform that connects doctors with virtual scribes, helping doctors save time, focus entirely on the patient's health, and store confidential information safely.

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