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Our client: UROTRAINER

Urotrainer is an online platform that offers hands-on courses to develop surgical skills with realistic ethical simulation.




We worked with Urotrainer to develop a comprehensive portal for medical students and trainers to manage and organize events. The portal focuses on enhancing laparoscopic and robotic hands-on skills through the use of anatomical models and ultra-realistic simulators.

The Problems

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The inability to centralize all actions related to an event on one platform. They had issues with managing and organizing feedback, resources, and specific information related to the events. This lack of centralization made it difficult for the client to manage and track the progress of their events effectively.

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Also, the need to have a dedicated and branded platform for selling courses. The client had yet to establish a clear and distinct identity for their courses, which made it difficult for them to stand out in the market and attract new students.

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The Project

Our team developed a comprehensive portal for medical students and trainers to manage and organize events. Allowing clinics and surgical groups to improve their medical training and ultimately provide better patient care.

The portal is designed to provide both online and remote instances. By offering detailed information and organization of advanced uro-oncology simulations, this portal aims to facilitate better medical education and patient outcomes.

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For the trainer

1. Create and manage events:

Trainers can create various types of events on the platform, each requiring specific information (event details, tags, etc) to be recorded and stored. This allows trainers to effectively manage and organize different events, whether remote or on-site, free or paid. The platform enables trainers to restrict access to certain events for specific users, providing more control over the training program. Lastly, administrators can view, delete or update any event (even if another administrator created it).

2. Manage students:

Administrators can view and delete the students subscribed. The list can be exported to CSV and filtered by payment status.

3. Manage subscriptions:

Paid events must be approved by the administrators. By viewing the student’s events status, the administrator can change the status and a notification will be sent to the student.

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For the students

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View and enroll:

For the students, the platform provides a comprehensive view of all the events that are available, which they can easily browse and enroll in. Free events allow automatic enrollment while paid events require approval from the trainers before access is granted. This feature enables trainers to keep track of the students' participation and manage the training program effectively. Additionally, the students can access all their enrolled courses, download materials, check progress, and access the evaluation forms, providing more transparency and control over the learning journey.

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For guests

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View and require access to enroll

The guest panel is similar to the Students experience. It gives all the users the possibility to filter and view events details, but will require authentication when a user requests to enroll to an event.

Process & Workflow: product development

Product strategy

  • The team spent time understanding and studying the specific problems that needed to be addressed, as well as doing research to evaluate possible solutions and define the most appropriate one.
  • Next, the team conducted research to understand the user personas, studied, and mapped out the process for training students, as it was a crucial aspect of the project.

Product development

  • The team began working on the development of the necessary API.
  • They also worked on the frontend development which ensured that the project was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.
  • Working under agile methodologies, the project was competed within three months, as per the original commitment.
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Techs used in Urotrainer app



Improve the overall experience for both trainer and students, and helped to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the training process.


Urotrainer was able to establish a dedicated and branded platform which helped them increase their visibility and credibility in the market.


The platform allowed trainers to effectively upload, edit, and manage all aspects of their events in one central platform.


Students can now access all the relevant information related to the courses they are enrolled in, all through a user-friendly platform.

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