What’s the healthcare industry’s perception of AI?

According to a new survey released by the American Medical Association (AMA), AI has the most immediate applications in alleviating administrative burdens and should be applied more broadly to reducing paperwork loads such as prior authorizations, clinical documentation, and patient communications.

Puppeteer’s AI Assistant was built for this purpose, specializing in patient communications by creating a conversational AI agent that handles all the time-consuming tasks of nurses, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Taking care of patient-facing interactions involves handling sensitive information and strict privacy concerns that not every company is willing to address.

Why Does Puppeteer Focus on Helping with Patient Communication?

Puppeteer takes on the challenges of handling sensitive patient information and strict privacy concerns, ensuring full compliance with HIPAA and PIPEDA regulations. Backed by our founders' experience at Light-it, we confidently leverage our expertise to provide support in these critical areas.

Aside from necessary regulation, Puppeteer’s team designed features for its AI Assistant that excel at detecting borderline and serious cases, preventing them from being addressed with AI and instead responding with fixed answers. Puppeteer’s interface is fully conversational, making patients feel like they’re talking to a doctor.

What’s the Value for Medical Service Providers?

Here are some steps of the patient journey where Puppeteer’s AI Assistant can step in to help:

Graphic design of a patient journey
Source: Puppeteer

Puppeteer’s AI Assistant is fully customized to a provider’s needs, integrating with EHR and databases to have all the context necessary to provide the most personalized and accurate attention to patients.

Graphic model showing Puppeteer's integrations
Source: Puppeteer

To Visualize Puppeteer’s AI Assistant in Action

These examples demonstrate Puppeteer’s potential across various healthcare sectors. While we focus on enhancing patient experiences, our solutions are not limited to any specific area within the healthcare industry.

EO Care

Puppeteer partnered with EO Care and Light-it. EO is a digital health platform for responsible, affordable cannabis care. EO’s AI Assistant was configured to answer users’ questions based on company documents, ensuring accurate responses. The AI Assistant also used patient information to make personalized recommendations while ensuring PHI privacy and security. Explore this case further.

eo's AI agent. Source: Light-it

Mental Health Industry

Our AI Assistant can serve as a companion, acting as an AI therapist to help when human therapists are unavailable. It gathers patient concerns and allows them to express their emotions while receiving human-like responses. If necessary, Puppeteer allows for human intervention to ensure patient safety. Check out this demo to learn more.

Orthopedics Industry

Puppeteer’s potential in orthopedics lies in patient screening and triaging, directing patients to the most suitable doctor based on the symptoms gathered during onboarding.


Puppeteer also has use cases in the wearables sector. Digital health companies can leverage our agent’s capabilities to track metrics, provide human-like suggestions, and offer 24/7 companionship. The AI Assistant proactively checks in on users, answers FAQs, and responds to metrics-related questions.

How to Unlock Puppeteer’s AI Potential

Implementing Puppeteer’s solution is straightforward and doesn’t require an engineering team. We offer a demo customized to meet your flow requirements.

Feel free to reach out to us at luca@getpuppeteer.ai, or visit our website to learn more about our solution!