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A talented, strategical, and bold partner.

Our team of software developers, QA engineers, marketers, and designers enjoying the office and outside activities.

Empowering companies to provide more value

Illustration of our team members empowering themselves to develop outstanding healthcare software.

We help founders and companies ideate, build, and launch web and mobile apps in an innovative, user-centric, and quality-driven way. We’re strategic partners throughout all the digital product’s lifecycle:

Our team

Our team is made up of brilliant minds, who are constantly creating value through aligning business goals with custom tech solutions. We have a multidisciplinary approach in which product specialists with different backgrounds work collaboratively seeking excellence in all the product spheres. We embrace challenges with synergy, communication, teamwork, and passion!

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Your technical partner

Building incredible relationships with our partners, by understanding their needs we can offer more than just software development.

By working as partners we seek a very close relationship with each client and a deep understanding of their business and user needs. Getting closer to our partners allows us to make the right decisions, and build the right products in the right way, ensuring better outcomes.

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2021 Fastest Growing Companies
Light-it is one of the fastest-growing companies according to Financial Times
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Light-it is one of the top software development agencies according to Clutch
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Our purpose

Our team working hard, creating strategies and innovating to deliver healthcare products that have a positive impact.

We pursue to add real value to people and their environment as a whole with innovation. We trust that, with strategy and technology, we have the potential to create Health products that truly benefit both our clients and their users by positively impacting their lives.



Thinking outside the box and creativity is in our DNA; everyone in the team is a problem-solver no matter their role. We try to take every product we work on to the next level.

Causing an impact

We find fulfillment in impacting people's lives positively. We focus on creating products that truly add value to users by being tech-friendly, intuitive, and accessible. Technology has no limits, and we're happy to improve even a tiny part of the users' life.


Within the team and clients, we work horizontally and collaboratively towards the same goal. For us, in solid teams, everyone has genuine leadership and ownership of the product, clearly delimited by the role.


We understand that each challenge and person must be addressed with flexibility and versatility. Rigid and highly structured organizations tend to fail because project's needs vary and evolve. Instead, we try being truly empathetic and strategical to understand how to approach a project, client, or collaborator.

Continuous improvement

We seek excellence, and we conceive it as a horizon that's always there; this means there's always room for growth. Working in agile frameworks helps us be constantly in motion, endeavoring for "more" and "better".


Find out more about our methodology

Our playbook is our north star, the blueprint that guides all of our company practices. Here is everything you want to know about us!

Our playbook