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Experts at combining healthcare & innovation

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Our services are a reflection of

Our passion for
health & wellness


We help our clients puzzle out their digital health product’s specifics based on user & market research. We’ll discover and validate what value we’ll deliver to users, patients, and physicians, as well as the technical and legal challenges to address.


We’re experienced in developing, scaling, and integrating different EHR systems. We work with SMART on FHIR protocol to integrate third-party products with EHR systems, enabling them to launch within the same application window.


We provide our best talent to grow your team and add our technical and business expertise. Our team’s extensive experience dealing with various healthcare challenges leads to a quicker onboarding process and more effective solutions.


We analyze each project’s specifics to help you decide on the ideal tech stack and integrated third-party services. We work with leading healthcare products and services to ensure security and scalability.


We base the design approach around the needs of the consumers to produce digital health products. We create strategic designs with a distinct style and feel, flawless screen size compatibility, and an user-friendly experience for both patients and healthcare providers.


Uncover untapped opportunities by harnessing disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, generative AI, virtual and augmented reality, and many more! We can help you launch thriving digital products beyond traditional approaches with emerging technologies that are changing the game.


What our clients are saying

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Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Light-It added valuable engineering capacity and expertise to our team. They were able to flexibly scale up and down with our needs and were valuable thought partners in our compliance journey. They always ask for the “why” behind technical decisions and help us find the most efficient, secure, and scalable solution for our objectives. I’d highly recommend Light-It to other startups and founders”

Sophia Richter
Seven Starling
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“The Light-it team was very communicative and quick to respond whenever I had a question or feedback.”

Liz Pramalee
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Light-it has been extremely adaptable to our workflows. If you’re a healthcare company looking for product engineers, choose them”

Karson Enns
Felix Health
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Working with Light-it has been delightful, so much so that we’re committed to keep working with them. This project has been successful, and we’re extremely satisfied at all levels. All our staff is very impressed with Light-it’s work, and there has been a lot of positive feedback from that angle.”

Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Working with Light-it has been delightful. Light-it met our expectations and delivered high-quality work. Our team was impressed with their expertise, work ethic, and productivity. They meet deadlines, stay on budget, and communicate closely with us via multiple channels.”

Alisha Gallagher
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“We’re most impressed with Light-it’s expertise, work ethic, and productivity. They deliver high-quality work, and we’ve enjoyed working with Light-it’s team. We’re extremely satisfied at all levels.”

Adrianna Cantu
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Light-it is the pinnacle of professional expertise in modern digital mental health software design and development”.

Aaron Reichlin, MD
We’re experienced building all sorts of healthcare products...

Digital Therapeutics

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)


EHR Development

Remote Patient Monitoring

Wearable Integrations

Clinical Operations & Decision Making

Innovation with Emerging Technologies

Awards & Honors


What we bring to the table

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Our software engineers have extensive knowledge working with modern libraries, frameworks, and methodologies like Laravel, Python, Rails, React, mobile technologies, and more.

A team of digital health product web developers gathered in an office during a sprint review


Project managers, developers, UI/UX designers, innovation specialists, product consultants
and marketing experts.

Two members of Light-it's Growth team sitting in a living room with their computers.


We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends, and best practices to ensure that we are delivering the best possible solutions

A portrait of Light-it's innovation lab manager while working remotely


Using Agile Methodologies allows us to work iteratively and deliver value continuously by empowering us to be productive and easily adapt to change.

Check out our projects

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Discover our 
Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab is dedicated exclusively to 
researching, studying, documenting, and 
building Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for Light-it, with 
the objective of staying ahead of the curve and anticipating client's needs.

Research on new technologies and tools
Create PoCs to validate ideas
Explore how to apply new technology
Study to build products that seem impossible (... at first)
Create PoCs to validate ideas
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Innovation Lab’s Case studies

Our Innovation Lab is integrated by a team of experts and investigators proactively researching and testing new technologies in the digital healthcare software we develop.

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