Staff augmentation

Hire additional talent for your team on-demand when you need an extra hand.

Sometimes, companies can’t meet deadlines and quality standards. That’s why, for these times, our developers and product designers can amplify your team and help you carry out your project right, bringing in knowledge, experience and compromise.

Staff Augmentation

How does it work?

We provide hourly or part-time software engineers to support your in-house team. Our developers will become a part of your team, report to your managers, attend to meetings and adapt to the way your team works. We work as remote teammates compromised to the project and company.

Let our experts add value to your team!

Web & App Developers
UX/UI Designers
QA Testers



  • Have the best talent in your team
  • Quick and easy to hire
  • Flexible & on-demand
  • Forget about recruiting
  • Trustworthy & backed up with an agency
  • Same timezones

Let our experts add value to your team!

  • Fluent in English with great communication skills
  • Experienced and talented workforce
  • Available to work & communicate on real-time because of similar timezones
  • Highly productive on their day-to-day
  • Flexible when adapting to your companies needs
  • Backed up with our agency