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We believe in the value of sharing our knowledge and learning from others in the healthcare industry to grow and leverage tech solutions that improve people's quality of life.

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Our partner ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem brings together the most innovative and 
brilliant digital health products and services, all working in harmony to deliver unparalleled value to our esteemed clients. From tech & clinical toolkits to privacy & security and data & interoperability, we've partnered with the best providers from the global health tech ecosystem.

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Our passion for
health & wellness

Become a part of a team of techies, 
creatives and caring people, 
and help shape the future 
of health-tech!

Meet our team

Awesome culture & environment

At Light-it, we foster an environment where teamwork, laughter, and team builiding are as important as delivering exceptional results.

Learning opportunities

Expand your knowledge and skills with continuous learning opportunities. Study and learn thanks to our +100 available courses, and weekly English lessons.

Yummy meals and treats

We serve free breakfasts and lunches, weekly chef's deli meals, cereals, nuts, fruits, and specialty coffee in the office.

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Hybrid Workspace

Work remotely or on-site in our cool offices in Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Wellness initiatives

We promote a healthy lifestyle, offering unlimited access to various sports and fitness centers and weekly mindfulness sessions.

Work and travel

Possibility to work and travel from any country for up to three months, while making a meaningful impact through your work.

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