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We believe that collaboration is the key to 
unlocking exceptional solutions. Our 
partnerships bring together the best & 
brightest digital health products and services 
to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.
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Building strong partnerships 

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We strive to find the best solutions 
in the industry, and master these tools & 
technologies. This enables us to integrate 
state-of-the-art solutions into our clients' 
products during collaboration.

Data & Interoperability

Collaborating to ensure seamless data exchange between healthcare systems.

Privacy & Security

Partnering with experts to safeguard patient data and comply with regulations.

Tech & Clinical toolkit

Partnering with technology vendors to leverage cutting-edge tools for software development.

Our Partners

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Tech & Clinical Toolkit

Puppeteer Logo

Puppeteer is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare through the power of Conversational AI. Their cutting-edge technology enables the development of LLM-based healthcare applications, making them intelligent, human-like, and highly efficient.

Candid Health logo

Is a modern medical payments platform that allows you to automate and optimize your entire revenue cycle in one place.

Healthie logo

Industry-leading EMR, Scheduling, and Client Engagement platform for modern healthcare delivery.

Impilo logo

The only vertically integrated logistics, support, and data solution for digital health and remote patient monitoring.

Formsort logo

Empowers product and marketing teams to build and optimize their most important flows: sign-up / eligibility, check-ins, quizzes, and more.

AccessiBe logo

AccessiBe is the market leader in web accessibility solutions and technologies that helps businesses comply with ADA and WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.

Daily logo

Powers real-time audio and video.

Privacy & Security

Cyber Vast Consulting LCC

Is dedicated to safeguarding your systems and data against cyber attacks. 


Automate compliance and streamline security reviews with the leading trust management platform. Vanta helps SaaS businesses of all sizes manage risk and prove security in real-time.


Automates your compliance journey from start to audit-ready and beyond and provides support from the security and compliance experts who built it.


Combines the power of a platform with built-in security and provable compliance, so you can automatically provide the assurance needed to sell your application.


Is the No Infrastructure Platform as a Service that startups use to deploy in seconds, scale infinitely, and forget about infrastructure.

Data & Interoperability 


The trusted global source for the transformation, enhancement, and secure exchange of digital information.


Helps digital health companies access and manage health and medical data, through a single universal API.


Helps vendors and providers integrate securely, easily, and at a reduced cost.