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Ensure Data Security in Healthcare

HIPAA Compliance Audit for Software Products

We’ll assess your infrastructure and applications to identify areas of compliance and non-compliance. Our team will provide detailed reports and recommendations, empowering you to strengthen data security and mitigate risks.

Why invest in your compliance strategy?


Increase in healthcare cyber attacks in the last year.

$5.5 billion

Estimated annual cost of healthcare data breaches in the U.S.


of healthcare organizations reported suffering a data breach within a two-year period.


Average number of healthcare records compromised per breach.
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Benefits of our Tech HIPAA Compliance Audit

Strengthen your healthcare organization's data security and HIPAA compliance with our comprehensive audit process. Protect patient information and mitigate cyber risks.

Enhanced Security

Through ideation, market analysis,
and user feedback, we uncover 
insights that shape your product's 
direction and build a clear roadmap.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from expert guidance in understanding compliance requirements and implementing eective solutions tailored to your organization’s needs

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Proactively identify and mitigate risks to prevent potential data breaches and safeguard patient information.

Regulatory Confidence

Feel confident in meeting regulatory standards, ensuring legal compliance and avoiding penalties.

the process

What to expect during our engagement

week 1. Discovery phase

In-depth Analysis: Conduct a thorough examination of your organization’s current infrastructure, including systems and services utilized.

Review Processes: Evaluate existing processes and procedures to understand workflow and identify potential compliance gaps.

Engage Stakeholders: Collaborate with key stakeholders to gather insights and understand organizational requirements.

Week 2. Deliverables

We deliver a comprehensive spreadsheet with a breakdown of compliance assessments and recommendations, including:

-> Item name
-> HIPAA Compliance pass/fail
-> Reason for pass/fail
-> Solution description or recommendations for improvement

Week 3. Feedback

Assist in Implementation: Provide support and guidance in implementing recommended solutions and addressing compliance issues.

Clarify Implications: Oer clarity on the implications of the audit findings and the steps required to achieve compliance.

Ensure Understanding: Ensure that all stakeholders understand the audit results and the necessary actions for compliance.

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Roles involved

You will have a senior, dedicated team throughout the entire process to ensure the quality of the deliverables.


Evaluates technical aspects of infrastructure and applications.

Technical Lead

Evaluates technical aspects of infrastructure and applications.

Resource allocation may vary based on the size and complexity of the organization, ensuring adequate coverage and expertise.


$12k - $18k*

(*)Pricing may exceed 18k depending on project complexity

Comprehensive analysis of your organization's HIPAA compliance status

Detailed recommendations for addressing compliance gaps

Expert guidance throughout the 3-week engagement process

Support from experienced technical leads

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