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Our team is made up of passionate and talented techies, guided by the values of creativity, business, synergy, and innovation. We think of Light-it as a community where every teammate is in constant personal and professional development. Ultimately, we're inspired to bring fantastic digital products to life together.

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Alan Brande Alan Brande

Alan Brande

CEO & Co-Founder

Martín Oppenheimer Martín Oppenheimer

Martín Oppenheimer

COO & Co-Founder

Javier Lempert Javier Lempert

Javier Lempert

CTO & Co-Founder

Josefina Ruiz Josefina Ruiz

Josefina Ruiz

Marketing & Business development

Leticia Schimmel Leticia Schimmel

Leticia Schimmel

Lead UX/UI Designer

Diego Gavilanes Diego Gavilanes

Diego Gavilanes

Lead Software Quality Engineer

Maximiliano Gutiérrez Maximiliano Gutiérrez

Maximiliano Gutiérrez

Full-stack Developer

Rainier Araujo Rainier Araujo

Rainier Araujo

Back-end Developer

Walter González Walter González

Walter González

Front-end Developer

Isabel Álvarez Isabel Álvarez

Isabel Álvarez

UI/UX Designer

Nicolás Fernández Nicolás Fernández

Nicolás Fernández

Full-stack Developer

Juan Patermina Juan Patermina

Juan Patermina

Full-stack Developer

Uriel Radzyminsky Uriel Radzyminsky

Uriel Radzyminsky

Full-stack Developer

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Juan Pablo Rodríguez

Juan Pablo Rodríguez

Full-stack Developer

Florencia Pieroni Florencia Pieroni

Florencia Pieroni

Marketing Assistant

Martín Silva Martín Silva

Martín Silva

Talent Acquisition

Sergio Ojeda Sergio Ojeda

Sergio Ojeda

Back-end Developer

Facundo Pérez Facundo Pérez

Facundo Pérez

Software Development Intern

Luciano Hernández Luciano Hernández

Luciano Hernández

Software Development Intern

Caterina Znidarsic Caterina Znidarsic

Caterina Znidarsic

QA Specialist

Julieta Callejo Julieta Callejo

Julieta Callejo

QA Specialist

Agustina Bigatti Agustina Bigatti

Agustina Bigatti

People Care

Daiana Aysa Daiana Aysa

Daiana Aysa

Full-stack Developer

Camila Gómez Camila Gómez

Camila Gómez

UI/UX Designer

Martín Gulla Martín Gulla

Martín Gulla

Full-stack Developer

Marcelo Duarte Marcelo Duarte

Marcelo Duarte

Technical Leader

Ezequiel Diaz Ezequiel Diaz

Ezequiel Diaz

Back-end Developer

Eugenia de León Eugenia de León

Eugenia de León

Project Manager

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