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AI Assistant for Medical Cannabis Guidance

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The Problem

eo was looking to provide responsible, personalized cannabis education at scale and experiment with the role LLM technology might play in their business. eo’s clinical team defined and prioritized key research for an LLM to digest (along with publicly available content). They also defined key rules and prompts to enhance conversation relevance and usefulness. But they needed a responsible, savvy, nimble development partner who could bring a HIPAA compliant LLM guidance solution to life.

The Solution

We developed eo Care’s AI Agent, PEP, to address these challenges.

PEP is a ChatGPT-powered personal education platform for cannabis. It uses rules and prompts devised by eo’s clinical team in an effort to provide cannabis information that’s as personally relevant and clinically responsible as possible.

The AI Agent is trained with eo Care’s own sources of information: an ever-growing library of respected cannabis research provided by trusted academics, government, and industry experts.

It stands as a knowledgeable guide, offering invaluable insights, answering questions, and revolutionizing the client experience. It dives deep into the patient's clinical information to make recommendations, all while ensuring PHI’s privacy and security.

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eo Care's AI Agent serves as a well-informed guide for both clients and leads, offering a wealth of information and assistance. This AI Agent goes beyond basic responses. It provides clients with invaluable insights, ensuring they receive accurate and relevant information.


Behind the scenes, we rely on Puppeteer, an adaptable AI infrastructure to create 10X more intelligent and human LLMs. Puppeteer allowed us to build an AI Agent that has personalized and engaging conversations, based on eo Care’s sources of data.

AI-powered app feature for scheduling messages and medical appointments.

Thanks to Puppeteer’s API Integration Capabilities, our AI Agent is able, not just to have conversations, but also to execute actions, such as facilitating appointments, sending reminders, and retrieving real-time information.

In-depth training on medical knowledge

The eo Care-owned sources of information are used in the AI Agent's training, ensuring that it thoroughly understands the particular nuances and knowledge in the medical cannabis field.

Computer displaying a mobile app where patients chat with an AI Agent and get healthcare recommendations if cannabis medication is right for them.

About Puppetter

Discover the game-changing technology behind our AI solutions

Puppeteer can help you build engaging conversational experiences. Puppeteer’s AI Agents are HIPAA Compliant and can be trained with your company’s sources, carrying out actions, providing analytics and insights into user behavior and preferences.

Tech Stack & Integrations


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