Technology Migration for a Mental Health Clinic

Integrations & interoperability
UX/UI design
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The Problem

When they contacted Light-it, they needed to migrate their product from Squarespace, the technology they used to develop their app.

The features and structure of this website and app builder had many limitations that affected the scalability of the business, and it was challenging to manipulate. In addition, it needed a SEO-friendly interface. Every change, addition, and adjustment was time-consuming and unapproachable for non-developers.

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The Solution

We created a  solution based on  Therapy Lab’s specific needs, focusing mostly on scalability, accessibility, and user experience improvement. Today, their team is able to manage their platform self-sufficiently, without relying on a designer or developer to make changes and improvements in the platform.

The pain point they previously had in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), due to the limitations of their previous provider, was also solved thanks to Webflow.

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Tech Stack & Integrations

Active Campaign
Acuity Scheduling
Smartphone displaying a mobile app where patients can choose different therapy plans.
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Offered services

Therapy Lab offers therapy plans to treat anxiety, racial stress, relationships, insomnia, and chronic pain, among others.

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Through the integration we made with SimplePractice and SquareSpace Scheduling users can manage scheduling encounters by themselves remotely.

Improved user experience and accessibility

The migration Light-it healthcare development team carried out enhanced Therapy Lab’s user experience and more accessibility to both their managers and patients.

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Computer displaying the home page of Therapy Lab Kids, a web app for kids, teens, and families to book therapy sessions.
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“Light-it's team gave us many insights and knowledge beyond what most others have. They delivered quality work on time and communicated effectively. The team's responsiveness allowed us to address our questions and concerns. They also met our budget requirements. Overall, they were truly collaborative and had great energy.”

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