Design Sprints

A problem-solving workshop that will help you build & validate a product strategy in only 5 days.

What is a Design Sprint?

A methodology created by Google Ventures that helps businesses from all structures solve their problems successfully. It consists of a 5-day workshop in which a multidisciplinary team gathers and takes part in a series of activities that lead to an ideal solution, which is tested and validated with real users.

When to run a Design Sprint

They are an exceptional point of departure for kicking off new products, services, businesses, or improving and growing existing ones with additional features, processes, or any other enhancement type.

Why choose Light-it?

Light-it helps companies ideate, build and launch top digital products. Our team, made of expert engineers, UX/UI designers, product specialists, and technical leaders, works collaboratively to launch thriving software products, with top-quality in all the product spheres.

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What makes design sprint workshops so effective?

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Bring Innovation to your Company Today

On Design Sprints, experts from our team and yours gather and focus 100% on your ideas, for five days. We'll work together to understand the problem and suggest multiple solutions, improving them until finding an ideal one. Finally, we'll prototype it, and test it with real users.

The goal is that, once the Sprint is complete, your company is ready to kick off the project. This means forgetting about wasting time & money in brainstorming sessions and never-happening plans. Design Sprints become real, short-term, and validated action plans.

Reduce risk

Design Sprints aren’t only a great methodology for ideation purposes; at the workshop, the final ideas are validated and user feedback is gathered. Day 4 and 5 are fully dedicated to prototyping and testing with real users. This reduces uncertainty and your chances of wasting money & time on useless solutions.

Align all points of view

Experts from different areas of your company will be gathered with creative innovators from Light-it to align ideas, needs, and expectations. This way we’ll get a bigger picture of the companies needs and the team will consciously decide the problem we’re addressing and in which area we need to focus on the solution. It’s an opportunity to understand the companies needs on every level.

Day #1 Empathize

Understanding & defining the target.

Day #2 Ideate

Discovering & sketching solutions.

Day #3 Define

Diving into the prototype.

Day #4 Prototype

Building the prototype.

Day #5 Test

Validating our solution.

What do you get After the Sprint?

At the end of the Sprint, your team will have a better understanding of your business needs and users’ problems, a handful of creative solutions, and a thoughtful strategy tested with real users. You also get a full report of everything that came up at the Sprint and business suggestions. If the client wants to, we also offer design & development services for digital solutions.

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DIY: How to run your own Design Sprint

Do you want to facilitate a design sprint? We're here to help! Download Light-it's Design Sprint Workshop template, which will guide you and your team through all days and activities, give you tips, checklists, and practical information.