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Online prescriptions are about more than convenience. By introducing a new model of care, Felix is on a mission to change behaviours, attitudes, and conventions around personal health in Canada.




We worked with Felix to develop their telehealth and online prescription app. The platform allows patients to have telehealth visits, request online medical assessments, and if applicable, get the medication delivered to their houses, with free shipping.

The Problems

There are certain conditions, such as sexual dysfunctions, mental health disorders, acne, or hair loss, that patients prefer to keep as discreet as possible. Patients might not even feel comfortable consulting about these issues or requesting their medication in their nearby pharmacy. This has always been an enormous obstacle that kept many patients from receiving their correct treatment, only aggravating their situation.

Also, there’s an increasing desire from patients to get the proper medication on time without the need to physically attend a medical appointment for a prescription or go to a pharmacy to pick it up.

Additionally, given the increasing demand for primary care providers in Canada, it's important to seek solutions that can optimize their processes without impacting the quality and experience of care.

Indeed, in Canada, there is a great lack of telemedicine apps that are connected with patients’ health insurance, which increases the costs of care and results in a poor patient experience.

Felix's app screen

The Project

Felix allows users to have telehealth visits, request online medical assessments, get any medication prescribed delivered to their houses for free, and use their insurance to cover the costs (when eligible).

We offered Staff Augmentation development services with Front-end devs, Back-end devs and Full stack working side-by-side with Felix’s team.

For the patient

1. Complete your online visit:
Users who login and already have the prescription for their medication can submit a photo of it through the secure platform, so a Felix healthcare practitioner can review, approve or decline it.

Users that don’t have a prescription can upload their personal information and take a questionnaire that seeks to provide a clear view of their specific situation.

2. Get Your Prescription:
Patients can ask for advice on the best treatment to take, or clarify what they prefer (brand, dose, and frequency). All of this information is then sent to the healthcare practitioner for review.

To ensure an optimum patient experience, patients can start an online chat with their healthcare practitioner and together seek the best possible treatment for their condition.

3. Check-Out:
Then, patients complete their payment, billing, and shipping information, and all purchases are then processed via Stripe. Patients can fill in their insurance information before checking out to reduce costs.

4. Free + Fast Delivery:
Finally, all requests are sent to Felix's pharmacies, who will ensure all treatments are correctly shipped to each patient’s house, in a discreet package, for free.

For pharmacies

The pharmacist logs in to their dashboard, where they can see all prescriptions, check all data, save the patient as a client and charge the delivery once it's completed.

For the healthcare practitioners

The practitioner logs in to their dashboard, where they can see all requests from oldest to newest. All practitioners access this dashboard with all the requests; the first to open a request takes 100% ownership of it. No other practitioner will be involved.

The practitioner can see all the patient's medical records and check the submitted answers. Based on that data, they decide whether to approve or decline the request and get a summary of the dose, frequency, and brand, among other key data points.

This prescription is signed and sent to the respective pharmacies to manage their final delivery.


Process & Workflow: product development

As Felix already had an in-house development team, we worked side by side with Felix's team and offered Staff Augmentation development services. Our team worked as internal collaborators with Felix, leading tech decisions, and helping them with their product development while working under agile methodologies. In under 6 months, our teammates made up to 30% of their development team.

Complying with health and privacy regulations was a top priority to keep all data safe and secure at all times.

Techs used in Felix app

Our Dev team built 10+ custom components to increase Felix's UI library and successfully migrated several endpoints from legacy systems into a brand new REST API. They took part in various architectural decisions that highly impacted the scalability and maintainability of the product.


Customer experience improved. Patients can get accurate prescriptions faster online than with traditional practices, knowing their information is confidential.

Healthcare practitioners can treat more patients despite their location, increasing access to care.

Felix's pharmacy monthly sales increased, and in the long run, this meant treating more conditions on time before it ended in a worse problem in the future.

Felix is able to continue to scale and grow their business, increasing access for Canadians.

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