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End-to-end Healthcare Product

From concept to launch, we cover every step of the process: website conception and design to cutting-edge healthcare technology implementation and deployment.

Embrace the full product life-cycle
in Healthcare Innovation

Whether you need product discovery and ideation assistance to launch or require support at a specific stage, we've got you covered.

Product strategy AND DISCOVERY

Through ideation, market analysis,
and user feedback, we uncover 
insights that shape your product's 
direction and build a clear roadmap.

CUSTOM HEALTHCARE Software Development

We build scalable, and compliant 
applications using Agile frameworks, 
ensuring exceptional code quality
and seamless functionality.

Product ux/ui design

Our expert designers focus on
user needs to build engaging and 
intuitive digital products that
create better experiences and 
healthcare outcomes.

SEAMLESS Integrations

Benefit from our expertise in 
evaluating and selecting third-party 
tools in the healthcare industry.

How our healthcare software development service works

We can help you through every step of the process or at specific milestones


We’ll gather insights through ideation, market research, and user interviews. We’ll validate technical and legal specs.

Based on our findings, we’ll define the MVP specifics, build a prototype, estimate the next phases, and plan a product roadmap.


Our team of expert UX/UI Designers will create a visually stunning and intuitive user interface that elevates the user experience to the next level.

Robust Product Development Lifecycle

In this phase, our skilled Software Engineers will bring the product to life.

They work tirelessly to ensure that the code is clean, efficient and meets industry standards. Our QA Engineers will test to ensure quality in all use cases.

iteration station

We understand that each product is constantly evolving, and we embrace this with our iterative process.

We gather feedback from users and clients to identify areas of improvement and make necessary changes to ensure the product is always ahead of the curve.

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What our clients are saying

Quotation marks
Adrianna Cantu, CEO & Co-Founder at Revealix portrait

“We’re most impressed with Light-it’s expertise, work ethic, and productivity. They deliver high-quality work, and we’ve enjoyed working with Light-it’s team. We’re extremely satisfied at all levels.”

Adrianna Cantu
Alisha Gallagher, Co-founder at Curascribe portrait

“Working with Light-it has been delightful. Light-it met our expectations and delivered high-quality work. Our team was impressed with their expertise, work ethic, and productivity. They meet deadlines, stay on budget, and communicate closely with us via multiple channels.”

Alisha Gallagher
Liz Pramalee, Associate Creative Director at Wellframe portrait

“The Light-it team was very communicative and quick to respond whenever I had a question or feedback.”

Liz Pramalee
Karson Enns, VP Engineering at Felix Health portrait

“Light-it has been extremely adaptable to our workflows. If you’re a healthcare company looking for product engineers, choose them”

Karson Enns
Felix Health
Sophia Richter, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Seven Starling portrait

“Light-It added valuable engineering capacity and expertise to our team. They were able to flexibly scale up and down with our needs and were valuable thought partners in our compliance journey. They always ask for the “why” behind technical decisions and help us find the most efficient, secure, and scalable solution for our objectives. I’d highly recommend Light-It to other startups and founders”

Sophia Richter
Seven Starling
Hun Kim, Director of operations at Zebra Telehealth portrait

“Working with Light-it has been delightful, so much so that we’re committed to keep working with them. This project has been successful, and we’re extremely satisfied at all levels. All our staff is very impressed with Light-it’s work, and there has been a lot of positive feedback from that angle.”

Hun Kim
Zebra Telehealth

Frequently Asked

Learn everything about us and the way we work

FAQ Hero page
What services do you offer?
  • End-to-End Product Development: including product strategy, UX/UI design, software development, and integrations. You can hire Light-it for the whole process, or just for one of this specific services.
  • Staff Augmentation: we can augment your tech team with our talent.
  • Emerging Technologies: we can help you discover and implement new technologies like Generative AI and VR to your product. 
How personalized are your services?
  • 100% personalized. At Light-it, we work as partners, and our goal will be to provide the best service according to your needs.
  • Our technology and healthcare expertise will allow us to understand your business and help you make decisions in every aspect of your project, from product, to tech stack, we have you covered!
  • Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will assemble a team that fits the requirements.
Can you provide references?

Yes, we can provide reference contacts from previous clients during sales processes.

Do you just work in the healthcare industry?

Yes. We currently work exclusively for the healthcare industry. 

I have a project from another industry, can I contact you anyway?

Contact us and we’ll refer you to one of our awesome partners.

How soon can Light-it start my project?

We’ll set a timeline that fits your requirements. On our end, it can take up to  two-weeks to put the team together.

Can we adjust the initial plan if my preferences (budget, time, features, etc.) change?

Yes. We’re used to working with startups and know that needs and priorities change. If that happens, let’s talk and see how we can adapt to your new situation.

Do I have to buy the whole service from zero to launch, or can you start working on a project at any stage?  

We can start working on your project at any stage. Whether you are in need of product discovery,  UX UI design, or development, we can help you!

I have already built my product with another vendor, but want to continue building it with you. Can you do it?

Yes. We will likely start with a code review to assess the quality of the code, to then continue building on top of what you have.

Can you assist with defining the scope and requirements of my project?

Of course! We’ll help you scope the project during the sales process, and the product strategy phase.

How do I know what the team is working on?
  • We have a shared slack channel between our team and yours.
  • You’ll have access to the Jira board with the progress for each sprint.
  • You’re invited to the sprint plannings, reviews, and daily meetings, in case you want to join!
  • You’ll have recurring meetings with an account manager.
Where is Light-it’s development team located? Who are they?

Our HQ are in Montevideo, Uruguay (UTC-3) and we have an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina (UTC-3). Do you want to visit us in Uruguay? Check out our guide!

How do you ensure the quality of the deliverables?

We involve Quality Engineers in all of our projects to test and ensure the best quality possible for all use cases. They conduct thorough testing and follow industry best practices to make sure our products work well and provide a great user experience. 

Who will be the software code's final owner once the project is finished?

Once the development of your software is finished, you’ll have complete ownership of the product.

Do you offer maintenance services after the product is released?

Yes, we offer maintenance services if required.

What happens if I don't want to continue the partnership? Can I cancel later on?

Yes. In the contracts you’ll have a set notice-period to cancel the project.

How do you define the price for my project?
  • We work with Time and Materials contracts, meaning we will charge per hour per professional. 
  • We will estimate the number of hours based on your scope, during the sales process.
  • If you need a different type of contract liked fixed price, please feel free to schedule a consultation. 
  • You can get a quote for your project here.
What is your minimum project size? 

We’re open to discuss projects from all sizes as long as we trust our client’s mission.

What happens if the scope isn't completed within the estimated timeframe, either finishing it before or after the expected deadline?

At Light-it, we work with estimated timelines that allow flexibility for adjustments based on evolving needs or potential challenges. If the project progresses faster than expected, we can incorporate additional scope to enhance the initial plan. If it takes longer, we will maintain clear communication with the client to address any issues and collaboratively determine the focus for the next iteration, ensuring transparency and alignment throughout the process.

How do you assure digital health products' privacy, security and risk management?

Our team follows strict HIPAA Guidelines to ensure privacy and security of PHI. Feel free to contact us to receive a copy of our guideline.

What legal and medical-legal compliance do you follow? 

Our team is trained in HIPAA Compliance, PIPAA Compliance, SOC2 Compliance, and ISO.

Do you sign BAAs?
  • Yes, we can sign BAAs.
  • We work on existing / legacy applications. Usually, we begin with a code audit to evaluate the code’s quality, and plan a development roadmap.
Do you have a HIPAA Policy in place?
  • Yes. Our HIPAA Policy includes guidelines, background checks for all of our employees, trainings, and more. Contact us to learn more.
  • We can also adapt our HIPAA Policy and proceses to our clients if needed.
Can Light-it sign my NDA instead of your standard NDA? 


Do you collaborate with other technology or healthcare companies?

Yes! We have partnership programs with third-party providers, products, and agency. Check our partnership site and contact us to collaborate.

Two web developers share a screenshot showing code for a digital health product

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