At Light-it, we aim to develop products that improve the quality of people’s lives by developing disruptive healthcare projects. Our purpose is that every product should, in our eyes, provide value. It’s not only about crafting innovative software development; we’re proud of delivering a life-enhancing user experience as we find solutions to real-world issues.

Working at Light-it means knowing that if there's one thing we have strong, it's our shared culture. This makes coming to work fun and creates an environment where innovation is constantly present! Searching for new solutions, new ways of doing things, and embracing strange ideas that can lead to extraordinary solutions.

At Light-it, sharing values and the same mindset makes everything more agile and enjoyable. These are some characteristics we look for in every person going through our selection process to continue fostering a team that grows by sharing values and ways of living!

Let us tell you the key qualities you need to develop in order to work with us:

Curiosity: A driving force for learning.

When people research our company and investigate our website, LinkedIn, or even Instagram, they show their curiosity - the desire to not settle for the obvious and to go further. These types of people go the extra mile, and we absolutely love that.

Ownership: commitment drives the team.

For us, commitment means "wearing the team jersey" and all that it entails. These people are committed players with their words and their work. They take responsibility for every move they make and take care of their plays and their decisions. They understand that the result affects an entire team if we don't commit to something. Commitment is about taking care of our work and embracing it. We enjoy hearing examples that demonstrate this: Tell us an experience where you were super engaged with having good results in your job. Tell us about when you fought for the results to have an excellent outcome and what risks you took for it.

Continuous Improvement: We want to keep growing.

We care about people who strive to improve, and we care about how they do it. At Light-it, there's room to make mistakes, but we also encourage learning from them and continually improving. To develop and take advantage of technological solutions that enhance people's quality of life, it is important to share our expertise and learn from others in the healthcare sector. We also provide a platform with +2500 online courses in diverse areas: new technologies, soft skills, project management, etc. Plus, we offer a yearly refund per person to keep developing their skills in what they consider necessary and find curiosity in.

Adaptability: Don't stay still.

At Light-it, we seek individuals who aren't mentally rigid. Problems shouldn't paralyze us; instead, we should be capable of finding quick solutions to issues and changes in priorities that may arise. In our company, things move at lightning speed, and it's all about rolling with the punches with a healthy dose of excitement. We've got to be nimble and quick, not just adapting but thriving in the middle of constant change.

Communication: The greatest solution.

We want people to understand that communication is a key element in teamwork. Examples of communication problems and how they were solved through assertive communication are qualities we look for in individuals who want to be part of the team.

Humility: Being confident enough to be humble.

We appreciate people who are secure enough to say, "I don't know," and are eager to learn. Admitting one's limitations speaks to humility and not being afraid to make mistakes or show vulnerability.


We like people who value meetings and exchanges to grow as a team. Warmth is also seen in the selection process, for instance. It's about the simple things: candidates who have cameras on, listen attentively, and don't multitask during an interview.

Positivity & Humor:

We want people to be positive and encourage the team in a way that motivates others. Having the energy to laugh at themselves, to make light of their "flaws," their opportunities for improvement. Part of the job involves having a good time, not just working hard but also relishing the moments of team interaction. It's crucial to recognize the importance of pausing to infuse fresh air into the team's daily routine.

If these words resonated with you because you identified with our culture and way of working, you are in the right place! If you would like to join our team, you can check our open positions.

If you didn't find a position that challenges you or doesn't fit with your expertise, don't worry! You can send us your CV and tell us about your profile and interest to You'll be contacted if we evaluate that we could be a match.