The digital health industry is growing at an accelerated pace, and it's crucial to stay updated and even ahead of some trends to be competitive. We seek to offer our clients a top-notch service where we can work confidently, and trust that our process and know-how is the most optimum for them. As we focus in the healthcare industry, we know that our work will directly impact people's health, which motivates us to deliver our best work and even exceed our limits constantly.

Learning about healthcare technologies

Practice and research is the only way to reach excellence in technology. Healthcare technology is complex and evolving every day, and at Light-it, we knew that we had to overcome that learning curve as soon as possible in different niche areas, and accelerate our learning path for each one. Here, we’re talking about emerging technologies, new products for different healthcare niches.

Thus, to accelerate our learning path and offer an outstanding service, we had to research and practice… and here comes the egg-chicken situation: We wanted to dominate each healthcare technology and field before working with a real client, but, how can we practice without a client project to work on?

There are so many innovations and advances in healthcare, but no client wants to be the guinea pig with whom everything is tested for the first time; that's why we wanted have an instance to research, make mistakes internally, and learn from them to come up with a smoother solution before the requirement is from an actual client.

The Solution: Our Innovation Lab

To minimize the risk of error and have enough experience in every healthcare field, and therefore, be as valuable as we can to future and current clients, we created Light-it's Digital Health Innovation Lab.

At our Innovation lab, we test, develop, and make discoveries internally to become experts in niche areas and emerging technologies that are barely explored in the industry but present an exciting opportunity. We seek the best way to solve specific medical problems using innovative technologies. This enables us to grow our expertise rapidly, unlock new opportunities, and have a stronger differentiation factor.

This Innovation Lab is integrated into two main areas: Core &. New Ventures. On the one hand, Core Ventures refers to the areas where we need to considerably boost our know-how, regardless of the projects we’re working on. These areas are typically present in many healthcare projects, and we want to excel in them (for example, in HIPAA Compliance, Interoperability, and different integrations with medical devices/wearables).

On the other hand, New Ventures are the areas where we’re motivated to work in because a specific need arose. For example, suppose a great opportunity lands in our sales pipeline, and we don’t have enough expertise in a certain area of the project. In that case, we will leverage the Innovation Lab to maximize the chances of performing an excellent pre-sales process and be able to onboard the project successfully - While learning how to execute the project.

Initially, the Lab will be led by Marcelo Duarte, our Head of Innovation, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Having such a senior and experienced department leader helps us gain a clear view of where it's going and how other collaborators will be helping us reach our main goal.

Our Innovation Lab is focused on constantly researching and finding new ways to improve our work. We gather insights about market opportunities and trends through research, networking, attending valuable conferences, staying updated on industry developments, and studying consumer behavior, needs, and wants. By experimenting with different technology stacks, we aim to create products that may seem impossible or unknown to others and find the best approach for our team to have a smooth development process. It's challenging to stay ahead of market needs and identify opportunities before others take them, but it's worth the effort and exciting to see the results.