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our lab purpose

We believe that technology can truly impact people’s lives, and we know how hard it can be for startups to go from an idea to a product.

To be able to help our partners navigate difficult projects and become the best in what we do, we opened our Digital Health Innovation Lab.

So what is our Innovation Lab? It’s staying one step ahead, and most importantly, being ready so that when the time comes, we can really be your ideal tech partners to build the future of healthcare.

in this department we:

Study and analyze industry trends.

Conduct research to understand technology.

Create POCs to validate ideas.

Explore how to apply new technologies

Study to build products that seem impossible

what we do?

1. research

Our team is constantly making thorough market research to understand the trends in the digital health industry and anticipate our partner’s needs. We analyze every technology breakthrough and try to explore and understand each new technology in the healthcare space, making our tech stack knowledge as wide and innovative.

2. study and document

Once we identify the technologies we want to explore, we study and develop know-how in the different areas. Our team, leaded by Marcelo Duarte, will explore how to implement new technologies and the regulations and integrations that must be scoped. We’ll document every step to provide a clear guide for the rest of the team once they face these challenges.

3. pocs

Our innovation lab will build different POCs (Proof of concepts) to gain technical knowledge, test, and push our capabilities to the top.

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Our team delivers top-notch solutions by combining strategic thinking, healthcare expertise, and technology.

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meet our innovation leader

Marcelo Duarte is the Head of our Digital Health Innovation Lab. He is a software engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and has outstanding technical expertise.

He will be leading the innovation team, and guiding the research, studies, documentation, and POCs efforts to achieve our goals.

Why light-it?

We are a healthcare software development agency that is committed to improving patients, doctors, and hospital experience using our knowledge in technology, user experience, and the medical business. Our team of developers have developed thriving medical software solutions in multiple healthcare fields, such as pharmaceuticals, medical data management, hospitals, or digital consultations.


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