Ssr QA

Ssr QA

We’re in search of a Semi-Senior QA Specialist who brings at least 3 years of experience across a variety of projects, demonstrating robust expertise in testing. Your role involves mastering end-to-end integration, web and mobile testing. Advanced English is crucial for seamless collaboration with our clients. Automation skills are a valued asset, but more importantly, we seek someone driven to relentlessly enhance all aspects of our quality assurance, ensuring the highest standards in every project. If you’re motivated to push boundaries and contribute significantly to software quality, join us

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Main required skills

- Experience in manually executing functional tests for more than 3 years in agile contexts.

- Proficient in handling different test design techniques.

- Ability to execute tests at various levels such as E2E, integration, web, and mobile.

- Familiarity with various test approaches such as context-driven testing, risk-based testing, exploratory testing, and test scenarios.

- Basic knowledge of testing in agile contexts and Scrum methodology.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

- Fluent in written and spoken English.

Other valuable skills

- AI: Experience testing AI will be considered a big plus!!

- Any previous knowledge or experience in non-functional testing will also be valued (such as performance, accessibility, security, etc.

- Functional test automation: Having general knowledge or previous experience automating tests is a plus.

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