A turnkey solution to deliver sleep-improving soundscapes

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The Problem

The company provides dynamically created blends of instrumental music and nature sounds to guide listeners on a path to well-being and better sleep quality. Their proprietary, evidence-based sequence of sounds are designed to act as an "upside-down" alarm for memory care residents to support better sleep hygiene and performance.

The project's goal was to develop an app for both care home nurses and Composure's admin team to control the sounds in each facility. Nurses, who are often busy, needed an app that was very intuitive and simple, and that allowed them to program sounds upfront. Composure's technical team also needed remote access to make configurations and checks.

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The Solution

The solution consists of a web application that serves as a centralized portal where community health staff and administrative team members can securely access and manage the custom-built sound ecosystem.

This ecosystem includes a network of speakers for each community, responsible for playing sound blanket compositions. It also includes controls to program, pause/resume sounds, make volume adjustments, and switch sound compositions per speaker/per group.

Two young health professionals care for an elderly African-American man
A screenshot of the app admin where you can manage the sound blankets independently as per room, resident name and type of sound.
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Each health staff member or administrator can check in real-time and remotely the functioning of the sound ecosystem by differentiating rooms, soundscapes, and patients individually.

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Composure’s well-being soundscapes can be paused, stopped, reactivated, changed, or programmed independently in each room, or grouped by rooms/speakers.

hardware integrations

We integrated the application with the speakers’ custom APIs, allowing seamless and remote control.

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A screenshot of the speaker manager of the app, where you can manage, add and remove each speaker independently
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Technical Challenges

Develop and set up the remote connection between speakers and servers to provide a frictionless experience to end-users (older adults living in these institutions) and the medical staff who attend them daily.

The biggest technical challenge was to create a local server that allowed the app server to communicate with the speakers.

Tech Stack

Bluesound API

Target audience size, clinical dispositions and causes

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that show the potential impact of the solution


  • 75% report Insomnia symptoms.
  • 69% rely on sleep medications.

TARGET users

  • Older adults with dementia (experiencing chronic sleep issues, various stages/types of dementia).
  • Healthcare Staff (night-shift workers, 1:10 staff-to-resident ratio who facilitate the audio).


  • Senior Living Communities.
  • Memory Care Units.

Adults with Dementia

Composure's target segment

  • 7 million US adults.
  • 66% with chronic sleep issues.


  • Aging, comorbidities
  • Polypharma
  • Lack of cuing and clear scaffolding
  • Under/Over-stimulation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
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“Light-it's team collaborated with us efficiently. Not only was the team diligent and communicative, but they were also excellent at project management. They discussed strategies and timelines in advance and created a complete plan for the execution.”

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Jeff McSpadden

Co-Founder & CEO

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