Treatment Recording and Documentation Management App

UX/UI design
African-American doctor dressed in a white robe with a stethoscope hanging from his neck typing on his smartphone
A doctor's hands transcribing the medical consultation on a laptop on a wooden table, there is a stethoscope at the side.

The Problem

The client has recorded treatment evolutions, patient symptoms, and diagnoses throughout her career in a Word Document. She relied on this data for decision-making in her daily work, but unfortunately, this method proved unproductive. The process involved searching for relevant histories and then copying and pasting the data into the patient's Electronic Health Record (EHR), which was inefficient, time-consuming, and often cumbersome.

Recognizing the inefficiency, she contacted Light-it for help in digitizing and streamlining access to this data. Converting this valuable data into a digital product had the potential to greatly enhance the efficiency of both the client and her colleagues in their day-to-day tasks.

The Solution

Introducing Script Innovation, our SMART on FHIR app for Treatment Recording and Documentation Management.

How it works?

The client uses Epic Hyperdrive as their EHR, which stores all patient information, including prescription details. When doctors access the Epic with their credentials, they can now log in to our app from within the EHR. Once they open the app through Epic, they are presented with our diagnosis search feature.

We've developed this product as a SMART on FHIR app, ensuring seamless integration with most EHR systems.

woman dressed in a white shirt working on her personal computer, and to the side is a smartphone


Athena EHR
Cerner EHR
Screenshot of the Script Innovation app, there's a title "Search by treatment, desire or diagnosis" and a search engine on the right. Below is an illustration of two doctors.

When a doctor encounters a patient with a specific issue, such as "I have a headache", the app allows the doctor to search for keywords like "headache" to find relevant information from this extensive database compiled over time in a Word document by the client.

patient Health Information (PHI)

The app extracts and organizes this data from the Word document into a structured database and automatically displays various diagnoses related to those symptoms (not specific to the patient in question but in general). The doctor can then copy the relevant diagnosis from the app and paste it into the patient's EHR.

The app ensures the protection of sensitive patient health information and complies with HIPAA recommendations.

Screenshot of the app; below the title "Search by treatment, desire or diagnosis" it's typed "Dyshpagia" and a result list with treatment indications
Screenshot of the mobile version of the Script Innovation App showing a modern medical search engine.
solution’s scope

The solution's value lies in all the relevant data Script Innovation has access from the client's expertise. Now, with this system, users can:

  • Save time and easily find the required information.
  • Share or sell this information with other medical professionals and patients.

Tech Stack

Digital Ocean

Technical Challenges

Some challenges we faced when developing and designing the product:

Convert years' worth of data from a Word document into a format suitable for a database.

Implement a single sign-on for the EHR to connect it with our app.

Integrate the solution with Hotjar, a tool useful user feedback and to understand how visitors interact with their site to improve user experience.

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