Advanced Uro-oncology Simulation for Medical Training

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The Problem

Learning and preparing surgery procedures is challenging and stressful for medical students and surgeons. Urotrainer’s objective was to provide a  transformative learning experience where students could simulate surgeries while having team training and real-time feedback and insights on their performance.

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Screenshots of Urotrainer app featuring Upcoming Events

The solution

We worked with Urotrainer to develop a portal that helps take simulation learning to the next level. The portal focuses on enhancing laparoscopic and robotic hands-on skills through the use of anatomical models and ultra-realistic simulators.

Our team developed the online platform that allows medical schools, clinics and surgical groups to improve their surgeon's training and ultimately provide better patient care. The portal is designed to provide both online and remote instances. By offering detailed information and organization of advanced uro-oncology simulations, this portal aims to facilitate better medical education and patient outcomes.

Tech Stack

Digital Ocean
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How it works

Trainers can create and coordinate events for each masterclass and manage and track students and subscriptions.

During the learning experience, trainers can give instructions, observe all their students' performance, and provide real-time feedback and insights.

Students can enroll, authenticate, pay and assist in classes. Additionally, they can access and download materials, check progress, and access evaluation forms.

Guests can register and enroll in public masterclasses.

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Computer with a web app displaying how medical trainers can create events for each masterclass they want to teach.
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Platform managers and trainers can create events for each masterclass. Through it, they can also oversee student management and keep track of subscriptions.


Trainees can sign up for classes, authenticate, pay, and seek guidance. Additionally, they can access evaluation forms, check progress, and download materials.

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Smartphone displaying a mobile app where medical students can register and complete their transactions to access an event
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Technical Challenges

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Some challenges we faced when developing and designing the product:

They couldn't centralize all actions related to the course catalog on one platform. They had issues with managing and organizing resources, specific information and feedback on the learning content. This lack of centralization made it difficult for the client to manage and track the progress of the events in the platform effectively.

Also, the need to have a dedicated and branded platform for selling courses. The client had yet to establish a clear and distinct identity for their courses, which made it difficult for them to stand out in the market and attract new students.

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