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A small boy sitting in his desk chair looking at the monitor while on a video call with a therapist.

The Problem

According to the CDC, many US students struggle with mental health, including feelings of sadness and even thoughts of suicide.

Recognizing this challenge, Zebra Telehealth approached Light-it with the vision of creating a user-friendly platform for schools. This platform aimed to facilitate connections between students and therapists, offering mental health services to students and faculty regardless of health insurance or household income.

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The Solution

Our team created a digital health solution where counselors can create and manage therapy appointments between students and Zebra’s network of highly trained therapists. Additionally, therapists can access the students' medical records within Healthie's EHR.

This solution comprises two key components: an interface designed for counselors, and an integrated EHR for psychotherapists.

The counselor interface offers a user-friendly experience, focusing on appointment management while safeguarding Criticalati Patient Information (PHI). In contrast, the Healthie's EHR empowers psychotherapists with access to students' medical records, facilitating a more efficient and streamlined psychological therapy process.

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Tech Stack & Integrations

Screenshot of Zebra Telehealth app requesting an authentication code.
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An enhanced security system was integrated into the platform.

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security components

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) requires a login via password + external authenticator (such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy).

Logout timer: the session is automatically closed after a period of inactivity.


Counselors can consult mental health professionals' agendas with students' to prevent overlapping appointments.

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Screenshot showing how an appointment is created and the predefined fields to be completed: learner name and therapist time availability.
Screenshot with the message "Your appointment was successfully created". It shows a summary of the scheduling and a button to copy the appointment login info.
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After confirming each appointment, the system provides all the necessary information to send to the patient and the medical professional, as well as remembering to log out to protect the data.


The list of appointments is organized to help platform managers successfully manage each session.

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Screenshot showing how the counselor can view the agenda of more than one therapist at a time and make modifications at each scheduled appointment.
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Technical Challenges

The Zebra Telehealth platform should refrain from managing Protected Health Information (PHI) itself since this kind of information must be inaccessible by external parties - counselors in this case - who use the application.

UX/UI-friendly design was particularly relevant in developing this product. The users should easily manipulate the interface, a broad audience is not necessarily knowledgeable about telemedicine and digital products. The interactions should be intuitive from the moment of registration.

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“Working with Light-it has been delightful, so much so that we’re committed to keep working with them. This project has been successful, and we’re extremely satisfied at all levels. All our staff is very impressed with Light-it’s work, and there has been a lot of positive feedback from that angle.”

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Hun Kim

Director of Operations

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