Engaging with our Ecosystem

Engaging with our Ecosystem

The environment the company lives in, both physically and digitally, has an impact in countless tiny little ways.

Physical Environment

We've known from the beginning that it was important to be physically surrounded by like-minded, ambitious, hard-working people. With that in mind, we ended up setting up shop in Montevideo's LATU, the largest technology park in Uruguay. Our offices are in the same building and zoning block that dozens of other technology companies and start-ups.

Companies in technology centers consistently have superior outcomes than companies in more isolated environments. It's pretty obvious why: constantly interacting, bouncing off ideas and consulting with competent people is fertile land for growth. But these benefits only become apparent if you exercise a healthy level of proactiveness.

That's why Light-it needs to constantly be striving to tend to their ecosystem. Some ways in which we do that are:

  • Weekly meetings with company heads.
  • Resource sharing with other companies in the technopark.
  • An open invite to our Fri-yay talks goes out to anyone in the technology park.

Digital Environment

In the same way, Light-it need to take the same care with their digital environment and community as they do with their physical one. It's important to trust that opportunities will arise when you are an active and helpful part of the development industry yourself.

Some ways in which we participate in our digital ecosystem are:

  • We contribute to the Open Source community
    Given that we are constantly utilizing open software to accelerate our own development, we think it's only fair to give back. When we use an open source tool regularly, we often need to add some functionality to it, and it makes for a perfect opportunity to then share these updates so other people can benefit from them.
  • We participate in communities related to technologies we use. We are active in the Laravel, Vue and Figma communities. We've hosted talks and sponsored related events.
  • We share valuable knowledge and tech guides in our blog.

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