Welcome! If you are reading this, you are likely interested in learning more about Light-It and about how we work as a company.

Back when we started Light-it, we had an idea of how the company as a whole should grow and function. But we knew that market demands, deadlines, tunnel vision, and forces of habit usually take companies in directions that separate them more and more from their original vision. We knew that we needed a way to always keep the big picture in mind. So we wrote it down.

This document is our company Playbook. Our safeguard. Our north star. It's the blueprint that guides all of our business and development practices. We did not write this as a way to attract new clients. We wrote it for us.

Whenever we find ourselves at a crossroads or face a tough decision, we know we can go back to the Playbook for insight. Whenever we feel like we lack perspective and our intuitions are thrown off balance, we know the Playbook can remind us of our priorities and values. Whenever we feel like our work is going off on tangents and too much of our time is being spent in minutiae, we know the Playbook puts forth the methods necessary to turn that around and ensure we focus on impact.

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