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Light-it Team

The number one key to success is having an outstanding team, both technically and humanly. Every person joining Light-it is valuable and relevant and will cause a huge impact on the team, company, and results. Our team has a terrific spirit, and we're eager to potentiate it even more with every soul joining our team.

Our Working Culture

We like to think of Light-it as a community of techies eager to discover, develop and share ideas, knowledge, experiences and have fun. We give our best to make Light-it a place where collaborators are in constant personal and professional development. We work horizontally with the vision that Light-it is a place where everyone's ideas are welcome and valued.

Some highlights:

  • Honesty and respect first!
  • Empower individuals, and win together.
  • Hard work takes us to great results.
  • We're always available to talk.
  • Diversity means potential.
  • Feet on the ground, mind in the sky.
  • Ask, learn, teach, share, grow.
  • Teamwork takes us further!
  • Have fun!

Building Awesome Teams

When team-building, decisions should be taken on two separate levels.

The first level is the individual level. Having a pool of great people available comes down to hiring practices. Good things come to those who wait; it is paramount to avoid rushedly hiring candidates whenever necessity strikes, but rather hire top talent, or people who we think have the potential to become key parts of our team. In the latter case, we regularly hire promising but unseasoned candidates and help them develop their full potential.

The second level is about team dynamics. The golden rule is to have cross-functional teams in constant interaction. In order to build great software, teams must be made up of a mix of developers, designers, UI/UX experts, creatives, and leadership. Diversity is fundamental: good teams are made up of different mindsets, cultures, genders, aspirations, inspirations, origins, etc. A lovely synergy arises when team members who are diverse and formed in separate disciplines are encouraged to collaborate and make decisions together. Some of our best decisions have come from developers and creatives working together to figure out how to proceed. Communication is also essential, that’s why we have formal and informal reunions in a daily or weekly basis, and we’re constantly communicating via Slack.

Special care must be taken to foster a sense of community and maintain an environment where nobody feels like they can't share their thoughts. Our weekly lunch, reunion and talks, definitely help.

Team dynamics

These are some activities and events we employ to foster our working culture in the team. Discover them here

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