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Three.js is a JavaScript library/API that allows us to build and display animated 3D computer graphics in a web browser and develop augmented and virtual reality products for other devices, such as Oculus. Thanks to this technology we can build complex 3D computer animations in a much simpler and smooth way.


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Virtual home

VirtualHome is a web application where people can design their rooms in 3D and add new products to their spaces. To create your design, you just have to set up your room's measurements (or use a template room) and start creating. You can change the floor, walls, windows, doors, and hundreds of other elements. This way, the users can visualize diverse alternatives and make confident decisions.

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Envisionate is an AR e-commerce for interior design brands. Users scan their rooms with their phone's camera and get a 360º view of the site. Following this, they are able to virtually place furniture and other house items in the room and check out how they look and interact with the environment. Envisionate is onboarding several house-decoration brands so that users can try out thousands of options and decide which one fits better before buying anything.


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