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Our client: Best Buy

Best Buy is the largest consumer electronics retailer globally, worth a net of $29B. It has over 1231 stores worldwide and a powerful e-commerce that creates around 35.2% of total revenue.




We developed, designed and renewed their influencer platform that allows users from different social media channels to connect and collaborate with Best Buy to promote their electronic products. It resulted in +3000 influencers enrolled and +5000 products promoted by influencers, increasing over time.

The problem

Best Buy started collaborating with Myspace and Blogspot's influencers by gifting them products to show off on their social media as a marketing strategy, and in exchange, Best Buy rewarded them with gift cards. Best Buy had a blogger platform to find these collaborations and allow them to partake in different promotion opportunities. But, in 2018, the platform was completely outdated and obsolete for modern social media influencers and Best Buy decided to bring it back to life.

The project

That's where our team came in. We re-thinked, redesigned, and developed their entire solution by:

Adding new features and improving or fixing existing ones.

Enhancing and stabilizing performance.

Improving the look and feel to maximize user satisfaction.

Adjusted the website to Best Buy's new brand image.

Adapted the platform to the contemporary lifestyle, mobile-first, and the trending social media channels: Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube Vimeo

Process & Workflow

The project had three main stages: Strategy, UX/UI Design and Development.

Product strategy: Defining the Solution

The discovery phase defined the platform's features and technological needs, translating them to requirements. We worked side-by-side with Best Buy's team to rethink the platform's core. We understood that the users' needs had changed, and there were new challenges we needed to confront to add as much value as possible. The business needs and technological possibilities evolved, and now we can measure data and discover valuable insights.

We defined the MVP:

A scalable platform

A scalable platform for modern mobile users and content creators who love the digital world and are thrilled to make a business deal entirely digitally, without even the need to exchange long, tedious emails or phone calls.

Data reports

The platform was intuitive and straightforward for users, and Best Buy didn't only benefit from making deals easier but also from relevant data reports that were automatically created.

UX/UI Design

The site's design was visually outdated, and the mobile user experience was poor, essentially because smartphones weren't on the table when it was initially built.

A big challenge was adapting it to Best Buy's new brand identity. BestBuy's personality had evolved, and it was pretty challenging to learn everything about their new rigorous brand guidelines and design practices. The redesign had a significant impact on the user experience of the site.

We also made the site responsive: bloggers only used computers, but most influencers nowadays work solely with their phones, so the platform had to function perfectly on both. We used a mobile-first approach when designing and made it a flawless fit for all screen sizes.

Best Buy Design Process


Development tasks included creating new features, improving existing ones, working in the server's maintenance and actualization, and optimizing the software's performance.

Some of the tasks were:

Creating automated reports with data about each influencer and their characteristics. These insights are highly valuable for BestBuy’s marketing team.

Building data reports for each campaign, that measured performance among other relevant metrics.

New views, such as the list of open projects for influencers to apply, with categories and filters, the FAQs, among others.

Developing a dashboard with analytics that crosses different key metrics about influencers. For example, the number of stores per state compared with the number of influencers there.


+3000 influencers enrolled.

+5000 products promoted by influencers

+3000 gift cards used

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