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Daily Glucose is an easy-to-use and all-in-one app designed for diabetics. Users enter their daily personal data, and the app tracks and processes it, giving them valuable insights and tips on their daily health. With it, diabetics can understand their health evolution and, hence, choose more effective courses of action to optimize it.



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The Problem

The global prevalence of diabetes increased significantly over the past years but, the existing apps didn't offer a complete solution that covered all their requirements in a friendly and straightforward way. Indeed, we knew that for those who have diabetes, keeping track of their health, diets, routines, and daily life is crucial, as they can use that data to get better insight into their evolution and seek more specialized solutions. Therefore, with such an increase in the global demand for better digital solutions in this matter, and the lack of digital solutions, Daily Glucose offers a valuable product for them.

Main features

Daily Glucose is a free app designed for diabetics that offer real-time, automatic and constant updates to help diabetics. The app provides a friendly and smooth patient experience, and counts with the following features.

Data entry that contemplates all possible diabetic conditions:

  • Tracks the user's daily routine (meals, exercise, insulin, among others).
  • Offers a wide variety of entry options to cover all types of diabetics.

Data management

  • Data management: Saves data allowing users to see their historical records.
  • Ensures the safety and privacy of data.
  • Users can export data collected over time.

Data processing

  • Data processing: Based on the user's specific data entered, shows updated ratios, metrics, statistics, and graphs of how their health is evolving through time.
  • Gives real-time and personalized insights 100% personalized to the user's condition.

Suggests solutions based on user's specific conditions to leverage their lifestyle:

  • Identify restaurants that serve food that suits your specific condition.
  • Shows the latest news and relevant podcasts available for the user's specific condition.
  • Users can share their stories, communicate with each other, and get tips from people living the same situation.


The app boosts patient engagement, which means that patients are more motivated to follow the right track in their specific diabetic journey.

More empowered patients, as users have a full understanding of their condition and its evolution.

Increases efficiencies when going to medical appointments as patients count with deep knowledge and data about the patient's situation.

Thanks to the immediate insights, patients can resolve issues and even ongoing problems quickly.

Users feel at ease as they know exactly how their condition is evolving and get the support they need from the community.

Users can keep their health condition as controlled as possible and even plan their daily lives based on how to improve it.

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