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We create custom EMR and EHR software that fosters interoperability, enhances doctor-patient communication, smoothens clinical workflows, and boosts clinical productivity fo physicians and medical providers. EHR and EMR software development is designing, developing, and evolving an electronic health records system. Our EHR Software developers have vast experience in application development and working with EMR Systems.

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HIPAA Compliant EMR/EHR Software
to Keep Your Data Safe

Our experienced software developers are committed to creating EHR software systems that adhere to HIPAA regulations, protecting all patient health information (PHI), such as patient medical history.

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Why Light-it
as Your Medical Record Software Company

Light-it has developed thriving medical software solutions in multiple healthcare fields, such as pharmaceuticals, medical data management, hospitals, or digital consultations. Our Software development company, made of expert engineers, UX/UI designers, product specialists, and technical leaders, helps healthcare companies ideate, build, and launch thriving medical software products, ensuring top-quality in all the product spheres.

Features of EMR/EHR Software Engineering

EMR/EHR systems are used to gather, access, manage and transfer clinical records. Creating a custom system benefits Medical Providers, Companies, Startups, and patients, improving the overall experience. Integrating third-party healthcare applications, devices and APIs empowers excellence and business intelligence.

Schedule/manage appointments

Billing services

Patient portals for more accessible information

Dashboards & reports


Patient engagement actions

Healthcare analytics features

Patient monitoring via medical device integration

Integrate with health tracking tools


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Our team of digital health experts can help you design, implement or improve your medical software.

Light-it’s Approach to EMR and EHR Software Development

We’re experienced and ready to assess you in how an EMR/EHR system can help your business thrive. We can help you in defining the right feature-set and strategical plan, and we ensure developing a unique, secure, and quality solution.

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HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets national standards for safeguarding patient health data. We follow HIPAA technical safeguards during the whole EMR/EHR software development process, including conducting security testing to ensure compliance.

EMR/EHR Systems

Our team has in-depth experience in the healthcare industry and understands the challenges involved. We're partners ready to advise you to get the most out of your EHR Software.

Curascribe case study

Case Study

Medical Transcription Software

We designed and built Curascribe, the first web and mobile platform connecting doctors with virtual scribes, helping doctors save time, focus entirely on the patient's health, and safely store confidential information.

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SMART standardizes how EHR systems and their applications authenticate and integrate. FHIR is a data standard for healthcare data exchange. In a nutshell, SMART on FHIR makes it easier to build health apps that integrate with EHR software and other clinical software, enabeling secure and reliable medical data sharing. It allows an app written once to run anywhere in the healthcare system.

EHR & EMR Software Development Services

We manage leading healthcare services to ensure top quality, security, privacy, and scalability.


It allows us to ensure privacy and security protocols with healthcare industry standards. It facilitates encryption, cert & key management, backups, monitoring, and logging.

Redox Engine

This API allows us to connect digital health products with provider systems. With Redox API we can build and scale your application with a single interface for every provider regardless of EHR or format.

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