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Light-it is a leading product development agency based in Los Angeles and Uruguay, South America. Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose us to help them ideate, build and launch top digital products.

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Onshore quality & experience, nearshore team.

Our product team, made of expert engineers, UX/UI designers, product specialists, and technical leaders, ensures we reach top-quality in all the product spheres.

Our expertise

From ideation to launch, we're here to help you reach your goals.

Web & Mobile Development

Our expert engineering team delivers fully operative web & mobile apps from our servers to the world. We build fast, scalable, responsive, and friendly software crafted in agile frameworks.

Product Design

We build strategic designs with a unique look & feel that fit all screen sizes flawlessly and make the experience intuitive, smooth, and friendly. We put the users at the center of the design process.

Product Strategy

We'll help you understand, ideate, and validate every detail concerning the product: business model, target audience, MVP roadmap, technical specifics, etc.


Our engineering and creative talent work to launch mind-blowing products that create immersive and exceptional user experiences using augmented and virtual reality.

How we can help

Nearshore dedicated team

Leverage our team’s full-cycle product development expertise to build your next innovation

Staff Augmentation

Grow your team on-demand with top talent when you need an extra hand. We provide hourly or full-time exceptional software engineers and UX/UI designers to support your in-house team.

What is Nearshore Development?

Nearshore Development is outsourcing the creation of your digital product to an agency based somewhere with geographical, time zone, and cultural proximity.

Nearshoring to Uruguay

From ideation to launch, we're here to help you reach your goals.

  • Highly skilled engineering and design talent.
  • Similar time zones..
  • Matching working cultures, values, and business mindset.
  • Exceptional communication.
  • Highest-quality standards.
  • Geographical proximity
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Accessible & faster onsite visits.

Why Light-it?

We take pride in being a distinguished nearshore agency by organizations like The Financial Times, Clutch, or The Good Firms, but what prides us the most is our client's 100% satisfaction. Our boutique-style approach allows us to build powerful partnerships with our clients, helping them launch thriving products.

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