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We can help turn your idea into a successful, effective, and easy-to-use Healthcare digital product! With technology, you can improve patient experience, increase the efficiency of your medical procedures and make your business thrive!

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Why choose Light-it

We have vast expertise in consulting and developing medical technological solutions in multiple healthcare fields, such as pharmaceuticals, medical data management, and hospitals. From product ideation to launch, we’re here to help!

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Healthcare technology consulting services: what we offer

Mobile and Web App development

Digitizing Healthcare Procedures

Technology Migration

Project Management

Technology Systems Design

Product strategy and technical discovery

Reporting and analytics

Quality and Compliance Testing

AR/VR Consulting

Agile Organization

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Technologies and guidelines we use

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act sets national standards for safeguarding patient health data. We use it to protect the privacy and security of PHI.


We're experienced in managing EMRs and EHRs, controlling security, preservation, quality, and access controls. We can ensure complete safety regarding this documents.


It allows us to ensure privacy and security protocols with healthcare industry standards. It facilitates encryption, cert & key management, backups, monitoring, and logging.

Redox Engine

This API allows us to connect digital health products with provider systems. With Redox API we can build and scale your application with a single interface for every provider regardless of EHR or format.

Smart on FHIR

SMART standarizes how EHR systems and their applications authenticate and integrate. It enables an app written once to run anywhere in the healthcare system.

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Our team of digital health experts can help you design, implement or improve your medical software.

Why do you need Healthcare Technology Consulting Services?

Keep pace with change.

Improve Workflows and communication.

Collaborate seamlessly.

Transform the way you provide care.

Accelerate intelligent healthcare.

Enhance efficiency.

Be empowered by data.

Drive better outcomes.

Better Understanding of Deficiencies in your Existing System.

Ensure better patient and medical provider experience.

Manage your records better.

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Our team of experts

Our team is made of expert engineers, UX/UI designers, product specialists, and technical leaders that understand the healthcare industry challenges and work together ensure top quality in all the product’s spheres.

Our healthcare app developers focuses 100% in our clients’ needs to solve their problems in an innovative and user-centric way.

Discover our case studies

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Case Study

Medical transcription software

We designed and built Curascribe, the first web and mobile platform connecting doctors with virtual scribes, helping doctors save time, focus entirely on the patient's health, and safely store confidential information.

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Case Study


We designed and built a chatbot that is trained to answer any question about their drugs’ leaflets, to all consumers types. The chat can understand human natural language, and it is accessible via web and mobile app, or social network chat interfaces, such as Facebook and Whatsapp.


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