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Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Light-It added valuable engineering capacity and expertise to our team. They were able to flexibly scale up and down with our needs and were valuable thought partners in our compliance journey. They always ask for the “why” behind technical decisions and help us find the most efficient, secure, and scalable solution for our objectives. I’d highly recommend Light-It to other startups and founders”

Sophia Richter
Seven Starling
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“The Light-it team was very communicative and quick to respond whenever I had a question or feedback.”

Liz Pramalee
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Light-it has been extremely adaptable to our workflows. If you’re a healthcare company looking for product engineers, choose them”

Karson Enns
Felix Health
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Working with Light-it has been delightful, so much so that we’re committed to keep working with them. This project has been successful, and we’re extremely satisfied at all levels. All our staff is very impressed with Light-it’s work, and there has been a lot of positive feedback from that angle.”

Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Working with Light-it has been delightful. Light-it met our expectations and delivered high-quality work. Our team was impressed with their expertise, work ethic, and productivity. They meet deadlines, stay on budget, and communicate closely with us via multiple channels.”

Alisha Gallagher
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“We’re most impressed with Light-it’s expertise, work ethic, and productivity. They deliver high-quality work, and we’ve enjoyed working with Light-it’s team. We’re extremely satisfied at all levels.”

Adrianna Cantu
Karson Enns - Felix Health

“Light-it is the pinnacle of professional expertise in modern digital mental health software design and development”.

Aaron Reichlin, MD
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Our expertise

Combining tech & 
healthcare expertise

Developing software for the healthcare industry 
requires more than just technical expertise.

We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in digital 
health and product development, ensuring that we are at 
the forefront of innovation.

By blending our technical prowess with our in-depth 
knowledge of healthcare, we are able to deliver tailored 
solutions that address the unique challenges faced by
innovators in the industry.

The CEO working on his computer at Light-it's office in ArgentinaA UX/UI designer working on his computer at Light-it's Argentinian office
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