Telemedicine App for Tinnitus Patients

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The problem

tinnitus increases over time

+50 million Americans struggle with tinnitus, and it increases over time. 

covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a pivotal increase in the number of people who suffer from tinnitus.

Increase in high-risk groups

The number of high-risk groups is also constantly increasing. More people are vulnerable to this condition due to environmental and behavioral factors.

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The solution

We developed the first telemedicine app that helps treat tinnitus patients worldwide.

Patients receive remote and personalized medical treatments by downloading the app and using their headphones to hear the adjusted therapeutic sounds their physicians created for them.

Physicians and patients can see the historical evolution to understand their standing point, get valuable insights and motivate patients to boost their engagement.

Tech Stack

React Native
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Solution tech's specifics

We worked as the startup’s tech partner and developed the first telemedicine app that helps treat tinnitus patients worldwide practically and efficiently.

Tinnitus patients can download the app on any Apple Device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) and use their preferred headphones.

The app:

Allows patients to receive remote and personalized medical treatments for Tinnitus by experts in the field.

Creates and adjusts therapeutic sounds using the latest technologies to provide the best treatment possible.

Patients take an active role and are encouraged to keep up with their treatments.

Physicians and patients can graphically see the historical evolution of the treatment to understand their standing point and get valuable insights on how to get the optimum result.

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Our working methodology

We started with a Product Strategy phase to fully understand the project’s needs and plan a perfect solution.

During the project, we worked with Agile Methodologies, carrying out sprints, code reviews, and continuous quality assurance instances. The team was composed of Web and Mobile Developers, a UX/UI Designer, a Quality Specialist and a Project Manager.

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Patients have shown notorious improvement in their tinnitus condition with the app in the first year of treatment.

Patients are more encouraged and engaged with their treatment and get better results than expected.

Physicians are now able to reach and treat more tinnitus patients all around the globe thanks to the app.

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The patient registers and schedules a medical appointment using the app, which can be remote (video call in the app) or in person, depending on the patient's preferences.

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addressing the patient continuity of treatment

Patients engage actively and are motivated to continue their treatments as constantly as possible.


Patients and healthcare professionals can graphically examine the historical evolution to clearly know where they stand and gain insightful information on how to proceed to achieve the best outcome.

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Computer with a web app displaying the patient's medical information and personalized sound configuration their doctor created to treat tinnitus.
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Creating the first telemedicine treatment for tinnitus to ever exist, where physicians and patients can work together.

Creating a fully safe, confidential, and HIPAA-Compliant app.

Ensuring that each personalized audio is safe and can’t harm any patient.

Delivering the maximum quality in each sound, regardless of the headphones each patient has.

Tracking the patient’s evolution, frequencies, volume, time of reproduction, etc.

Creating personalized graphs for each user, where physicians access to detailed and technical information, while patients have a more friendly and simple view of their evolution.

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